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Description of the business
The name of the business is Jheanell’s House of Glamour. It is a beauty salon that caters for both men and women. Jheanell’s House of Glamour is a sole trader business owned by Jheanell Senior and has a total of 15 employees. Jheanell’s House of Glamour is located at 16 Victoria Avenue, St.Andrew. The main purpose of the business is to provide quality beauty services such as airbrush make-up, hair extensions, barbering services, spray tanning, and wedding hair and make-up as well as other beauty services at reasonable prices.

Organizational structure of The marketing department


Marketing Manager – the marketing manager Christina Thompson is responsible for planning promotions, road shows and to liaise on with the public to inform them about future events and supervise persons working in the department as well. Product development/advertising Personnel – Cheanell Senior is responsible for introducing new hair care products. Designing T-shirts and making the office layout, the inside as well as the outside of the workplace as attractive and marketable as possible. This person also set up workshops and design strategies of how to attract new customers and maintain loyal customers. Cheanell Senior has two employees who work with her in this area of the business. Sales Representative – Nickala Mcbean as well as two other employees is in charge of choosing the method of sales to be employed. Their choice of sales made will vary according to the product or services being marketed. This person is also responsible for finding innovative ways of attracting customers by the use of sales such as sales promotions, promotional pricing etc. Data Entry Clerk – Deandra Smith is responsible for storing...

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