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Purpose: The shopping habits and purchase patterns of the Indian consumer have seen a drastic change in the past decade. This paper aims at identifying the profile of this new Indian consumer, how they purchase, what are the factors that influence their consumer behaviour towards shopping malls and how do they choose their shop
ping destination.
Methodology: We have taken responses from 405 respondents through a questionnaire. The samples were chosen on the basis of their availability at our convenience.
Research Limitations: The major limitation of this research is that it was undertaken in the geographic boundary of the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
Practical Implications: This study will reveal the purchase pattern of the consumers of Big Bazaar. Thereby recommending how can Big Bazaar position itself better in the minds of its consumers and paving a way for further research.
Findings: Our findings were that Big Bazaar’s biggest client base is youngsters, who visit Big Bazaar mainly to shop Cloths and Food Items, and prefer Big Bazaar because of its Low-Price Pricing Strategy.
Research Objectives
Based on the above discussion, we can put forth the follow
ing objectives for this study:
To generate a profile of the consumers visiting Big Bazaar
To detail the purchase pattern of consumers based on:
Outlet Location
Frequency of visits
Day of the week
Time of the day
Time spent during each visit
Amount of money spent during each visit
Types of products purchased
Mode of payment
To measure Big Bazaars standing against its competitors, based on the attractive features of Big Bazaar and who do the consumers prefer amongst the available options in organized retail...

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