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Mini-Research Activities Increase Student Achievement Support the Mission of the 21st Century Librarian

LM_Net commentary on preventing of plagiarism vs. detection and punishment strategies The challenge to librarians of the Pew and N2H2 Study of student Internet use Doug Johnson strategies for Low Probability of Plagiarism (LPP) Mini-Research models and strategies curb plagiarism and develop writing and critical thinking Scientific-based research (SBR) supports the use of mini-research activities to increase student achievement

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September 2007

TABLE OF CONTENTS Topic Section Selected LM_Net Librarian Comments about Positive Strategies for Preventing Plagiarism Strategies for Creating Low Probability of Plagiarism Research Activities—Doug Johnson Bloom‘s Taxonomy of Higher-Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) and Mini-Research ProQuest Mini-Research Strategies Correlated to HOTS -- (Bloom‘s Taxonomy) Mini-Research Formal Model—Integrate Technology and Prevent Plagiarism Mini-Research Draft Summary Model Integrates Technology Methods and Skills Mini-Research Informal Model—Integrate Technology and Prevent Plagiarism Flexible Rubrics Model for Teacher Evaluation of Mini-Research Reports APPENDIX ProQuest Mini-Research Process vs. Traditional Research Renewed Emphasis on the Importance of Writing and Mini-Research Activities Scientific-based Research (SBR), Mini-Research and Student Achievement Comparing eLibrary, Google, and Print Library Benefits for Student Research Implications of the Pew and NWHS Studies of Student Internet Use 21 22 23 25 26 Page 2 6 9 10 12 15 17 20


Selected LM_Net Listserv Quotes on Positive Strategies for Preventing Plagiarism
The following quotes were selected from responses to the issue of plagiarism on the...

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