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Admission Checklist for Piedmont Technical College
Nursing and Health Science

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Determine your major by reviewing the programs we offer online or in the college catalog. Admissions Counselors are available to answer your questions or schedule a campus visit for you. We know you’ve chosen the right college. Let us help you choose the right major. o Still undecided? We have a Career Counselor that can help you make a decision. Schedule an appointment today by calling (864) 941-8356. Submit an online application. Complete a FAFSA. o This is not required unless you plan to seek financial aid, i.e. PELL Grant, Lottery Tuition Assistance, or student loan. o Complete this application early. Other items may be requested in addition to the application. Deadlines and priority dates are in place to guide you through this process. o Students eligible for LIFE Scholarship must complete the form. o See additional information online. Submit your high school transcript or GED to the Admissions Office. Submit college transcripts for all colleges you’ve attended to the Student Records Office. Complete the mandatory Information Session required for your major. o The session schedules are online for your convenience. o Transition Nursing and Health Science Transfer programs have their own specified sessions. See additional information online. Schedule your Placement Test. o All new students must complete placement testing unless waived by Admissions personnel. o Tests are waived if student has appropriate SAT or ACT scores, college level English and mathematics courses complete, or an Associate or Bachelor degree. o Contact the Admissions Office at or your county campus to schedule your placement test. Meet with an Enrollment Advisor. o New students will meet with an Enrollment Advisor for initial registration and advisement....

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