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Opportunities and Challenges Facing FIAT to Enter Ukraine

Opportunities and Challenges Facing FIAT to Enter Ukraine Report
Team: NO.10 Italy Class period: Tuesday 8, 9 Team Member Zhou Wen Duan Jiaqi Han qingxiu English Name Cookie Todd May Student Number 41006044 41032003 41029021 Contact Information


Opportunities and Challenges Facing FIAT to Enter Ukraine

Executive summary
The report is going to analysis the opportunities and challenges facing FIAT to enter Ukraine automobile market. We first identify the strength and weakness of global strategy of Fiat with the SWOT analysis (Appendix 1) to find out entering Ukraine could contribute to Fiat’s global strategy, and then we evaluate the investment potential in Ukraine with PEST analysis (Appendix 2) to find out that Ukraine government is encouraging foreign investment by incentive policy and regulation, moreover, the automobile market in Ukraine is large. However, under the condition of financial crisis, the trade protectionism is on the rise in Ukraine, making the existing competition fiercer than before. To solve the problem, we suggest Fiat to export light vehicle and manufacture installation kit by joint venture to minimize risk and mitigate challenges. Besides, the board should pay attention to balancing the relationship among local government, local employees and management layer.


Opportunities and Challenges Facing FIAT to Enter Ukraine

Content Ⅰ. Introduction ..............................................................................................................5 Ⅱ. Findings and discussion ..........................................................................................5 1. Company profile ......................................................................................................5 2. Fiat’s global...

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