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Maximilian A. Schmidt

My experience with EBSCOhost was very well. I tried to find out how the ISIS attack in Paris influenced the travel companies which are connected to Paris. EBSCOhost uses the Boolean logic so you can add specific words for your search. For me it worked very simple and well and also the results of the search were very useful.

FACTSET is a very good tool when your are searching for Company statistics. In my case I was searching for the statistics of the Volkswagen AG. My results were very good tables, statistics and graphs about the concern. It offers a great overview and is very clearly arranged.

3. IBIS World:


JSTOR is like a digital library were you have access to a lot of journal articles and even some books. The search system is very simple but you can also use the advanced search where you can especially look for a specific time period, ISBN number or decide what kind of resource you are searching for (Articles, books, reviews…).


6. Passport by Euromonitor:
Passport is a global market research database with also a lot of historic informations. So you can easily search for categories like for an example the growth or the per capita of household in specific countries. Also a very good overview and simple to use in style of clearly arranged tables and statistics.

7. ProQuest:

8. The Wall Street Journal:
The Wall Street Journal gives you access to all the Journals and articles of the magazine.
The search function is very simple and very similar to “normal” search machines like Google but you can also use the advanced search function where you can search for an example in a specific period. In my opinion a very simple and also very useful tool with access to great research material.

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