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Fiction Essay Angel M. Braxton Liberty University Online Abstract Short stories can be exciting, dramatic, suspenseful or even educational. I enjoy reading my daughter’s short stories because they are filled with so much imagination. The story “The Most Dangerous Game, Sanger Rainsford, the main character is quite disturbing as a person because of the comments made throughout the story. The story is an inversion of the big-game hunting safaris in Africa and South America that were fashionable among wealthy Americans in the 1920s. It is considered to be the paradigm example for the man vs. man plot archetype. On the other hand in the story “The Destructors”, the main character, Trevor has conflicting feelings and actions so trying to figure out who he really is, is confusing.

Fiction Essay Sanger Rainsford is a professional hunter and he and a colleague went on an excursion to Rio to hunt Jacquards. During their boat ride along the Caribbean Sea, his colleague Whitney mention they were passing by a mysterious island- called Ship-Trap Island. Instantly, Sanger became very interested in the island and wanted to know where there cannibals living on the island. That seem quite odd coming from a professional animal hunter. He even went as far as trying to see the island thru the night fog. The narrator seem to be a little creepy at this point because the tone changed as if he was not scared or even uptight about the island as the boat crew was. Sanger classified the world into two classes: the hunter and the hunted. During the night, his curiosity got the best of him. He heard shots coming from the island and knowing that he could not see he still attempting to figure out where the sounds was coming from and fell overboard. Unable to be heard by anyone on the boat, he decided to swim back towards Ship-Trap Island. This character is not thinking sanely. Arriving on the…...

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