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Adolf Hitler; a name of pure evil, known to be one of the world’s most feared villains of all time. A name that shows how powerful, dark, and despicable one human can be. Leaving one of the biggest marks in history, Hitler cloned an entire country and killed over six million men, women, and children in his attempt to make a “perfect world.” He deemed the Jewish people as “inferior” and did everything in his power to destroy them. But what could possibly lead a man to do such heinous crimes? What could drive a man to kill millions? What were the motivations behind Adolf Hitler?
On September 12th, an all-American force stormed and captured German trenches close to Verdun. The Allies were in position to strike at the Hindenburg Line. On September 26th, armies attacked. Fighting with heavy artillery and new, modern tanks, the Allied army tore open the heart of the Hindenburg Line. British troops advanced, overwhelming the Germans as they retreated, fighting their pursuers every step of the way.
After four long years of war, Germany’s proud military commanders finally accepted that the war was lost. With rebellious soldiers and civilians marching through the streets, demanding a new government, even the Kaiser agreed that it was time to negotiate for peace with the Allies without the disgrace of having to surrender. In October, he sent officials to propose a cease-fire, or armistice. But, even with his empire crumbling around him, the Kaiser still thought Germany could end the war without losing too much power or territory. He wouldn’t listen to any suggestions that he might be forced to give up his position as supreme ruler. But he was unaware of the disaster that was overtaking his country. Germany was facing nothing less than total ruin.

November 13th, 1918; Shocked, discontent, all struck and trying to recollect his memories of the war. He had just heard…...

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