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Fictional Versus Reality | | December 4, 2010 | Mr. Flip | | Artina Houston | CJS/220 | |

In this paper, I am going to discuss the legal system as the courts handle it, we will take a look at fictional portrayals and an actual court case that occurred. The purpose of this is to ascertain the difference between the two if there is any. In the U. S. A. we have three systems of the government that each have their own specific role independent of each other, but still heavily reliant on the other. These systems all work together in all aspects of the legal system, with the court system heavily responsible for “Enforcement, interpretation, invalidation, and making law.” (The US Legal System, 2009) One of the major differences between fictional portrayals of the court process and reality is how the trial process is portrayed from the beginning to the end. Let us begin with the fiction story of Law and Order, this show dramatizes the law system the law system from when the crime occurred to when it goes to trial. The show’s main objective is to bring all the issues to the light that is presented in society in real time, or especially heinous or brutal crimes. I for one really enjoy the crimes that unfolds throughout the hour that this show has my attention. Well let me get a little specific, as Law and Order is a series that has done really well that it has expanded. In this one series the crime are always bad, the victim is an unknown, and the detectives in this unit must usually start from scratch to find the suspect. I find it amusing that for every crime the detectives always seem to come down on the people they busted before or just got out of prison for the same crime that was committed. In any case, half of the show showing what the detectives are doing and then it gets turned over to the District Attorney. Sometimes, in the show, the DA is there from the beginning until the end and telling them what will stand up in court. Then it comes time for the Bond Hearing or the Arrangement, which will be the next day on television and the judge, will hear both sides. Then the Judge will decide whether to set a bond, rather a low one, or a high one. In all my years of watching this show I never seen them give someone a PR Bond. When the trail starts it seems like it goes right to the point and different things come to the light as the drama unfolds for the last forty to thirty minutes of the show. Then you will see how the Defense Attorneys try to get things thrown out of court. In the fictional courtroom, the Attorneys ask question that everyone can understand and they can get a reasonable answer to. When the court is over the DA walks out a winner, but a few times, I have seen the show where the Defended has won the case. The main thing about fictional courtroom action is they keep you tune in from the beginning until the end. In reality, trials are not fast-paced, exciting procedures, but they are long and boring procedures. Attorneys debate for hours, present their evidence, and ask question only the other attorneys know. The case can carry on for days, weeks, and months at a time just so all the facts are out in the open. It is very rare, like every blue moon, that anything exciting actually happen inside the courtroom. In movies like A Time to Kill or A Few Good Men, they have us believe that shocking facts are discovered and quick thinking attorneys suddenly calling a witness or presenting evidence that instantly. When in real life it takes about a month or some years before shocking, facts or quick thinking attorneys find out anything. In the real courtroom scene, it will take some months before a criminal would exactly go in front of a judge for anything. In the real world, they would show you the photos and describe the scene with every detail. On the shows, they will try to keep everything clean so you want change the channel. Inside of a real courtroom they would try to make you find like you was there or that it was someone you know that it happened to. When it comes to reality shows like the First 48, they show you all the steps and tell you why the first two days are very important. On the other hand, when it comes down to Law and Order the first week is very important to them. After the detectives get the call, go to the scene, try to talk to people, and then identify the person it might take them about if not about the whole day. Then they will gather all their facts or what they think are facts to go and track down the right person, which might take them a long time. Before they think about going to trial or bring up any charges, their DA might tell them they can or cannot with the evidence that they have. Now the Defense Attorneys that is all these shows knows the right time to walk into the room to save their client. When in the real world, their client has to request to speak to their lawyer before things get to out of hand. On the shows the courtroom participants has a lot to do with the case or what goes on inside to make the show better. When in the real world they do not have that, much input to what is around them. I think that fictional courtrooms are a reliable source, because the way things are ran in a real one is the way it is ran on television they just add more spice to it. I think that my impact would just make it better for the viewers or the listeners to get a better understanding of how things work in the Justice system. I think that there is nothing big about how things are run on television and in the real world. I think that the only thing is that television does it for the rating and real life just does it to get justice for the victim. Both, if you think about it, make-believe and reality crime, can and will continue to coexist. They both play a pivotal role in their own unique, but special way.
The reality crime television provides us with an insight into the world around us; every city is a host to homicides and the detectives who investigating them. The make-believe crime, on the other hand, paints an imaginative, yet realistic portrayal of crime that goes on all around the world. Some of the stories are relate directly to newspaper headlines, thereby connecting us to the real world, while still conferring with our need for entertainment. At the end of the day, both reality and fiction, it all comes down to fact versus fiction.



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