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Field Experience Agency Profile Analysis

What is the agency’s name?
The agency that I chose was Clayton County Community Services Authority. This agency is located in Forest Park Georgia and they offer services to residences within their county.

On what days and at what times is the agency open?
The agency operates Monday thru Friday from the hors of 7:00am to 5:00pm. All state and federal holidays are observed in which the agency will be closed as well as following the Clayton County School system in the event of implement weather.

What type of assistance does the agency provide?
This agency provides sort term financial assistance and along with this assistance there are case management service in order to help their clients to a successful place I their lives. They refer clients that in such crisis basis like eviction, homeless, foreclosures, utility disconnections as well as emergency shelter and food assistance. Though the case management they aid families in financial counseling and how to budget finances. Support services are also referred such as Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, Veterans Benefits and Unemployment Benefits.

List the resources this agency has made available for marginalized populations, as: homeless, literacy, tribal issues, teen issues, mental health, veterans issues, runaways, and domestic violence.

At this particular agency services that are rendered usually financial assistance but they do render services in crisis situations with shelter and emergency assistance for food. They do however refer people out to other agencies for issues that they are not equipped to handle They partner with several other organizations that can help with clients that may come in say such as mental health issues or runaways so that they can receive the help they need as soon as possible.

List the steps required to receive approval for the agency where you are interested in completing your field experience.
The steps include the following: 1. Speak with your field placement coordinator (FPC) 2. Inform you FPC if you have found a desired agency 3. Confirm with your chosen agency that they are accepting volunteers, duties you would be performing are aligned with what you are learning I your objectives, also a supervisor that has a bachelor degree or higher to monitor your experience. 4. Complete and submit an agency profile form to you (FPC) 5. the (FPC) will notify that when your agency is preliminary approval. 6. The field placement administrator’s will work with campus and the agency. 7. Your (FPC) when notify you when your agency is approved and when you can start.

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