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I hope that in this field instruction class we are taught various things that we will use, and hopefully even cherish for the rest of our lives. I hope to learn survivor skills and be able to identify things in nature I haven’t been able to before. I would like to have a productive yet fun environment to learn these skills in. I would also like to improve my cross country skiing, camping, and hiking skills and am extremely excited to learn new skills and possibly even hobbies. I also would like to learn navigation skills including how to use a compass and map. I have always been shy and not confident since was a little girl. And due to this I have missed out on a lot of experiences, so now I hope for this class to help make up for those lost adventures and learning opportunities.
I want to learn how to independently take care of myself when camping. I desire to learn how to be on my own when camping and learn many different ways to enjoy nature that I have not learned yet like; snow shoeing, mountain biking, and kayaking. I really don’t want to only learn skills in this class but be more confident when it comes to learning unfamiliar ways of exploring and/or enjoying nature. I hope that from this class I become an even better-rounded person, with many different experience’s, skills, and knowledge of nature. I think the only thing I am nervous to learn is how to rock climb, mainly because I’m not exactly comfortable when it comes to heights, and my upper body strength is not good, but I am willing to try it. I also am a little nervous to learn things that I have to memorize because my memory is not great. Otherwise I’m pretty happy and open to trying anything and learning lots!!!
I think this class will tie into the conserve school experience by REALLY teaching us the skills of not only surviving in nature but also enjoying nature in many different ways, so we’re…...

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