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My field of study is the ever growing field of pharmacy. People assume when it comes to pharmacy it’s a guy or a girl that stands behind a counter, counts pills all day, and sells them, there is actually way more to it. Pharmacy is a very dynamic field of study it’s not just someone who stand behind a counter all day, there are different types of pharmacy careers all over the country such as ambulatory care, nuclear, and of course the retail pharmacist. I will go into more detail about each of these later on in the paper, but first I want to explain and give you an idea of what it takes to be a pharmacist and show you the positive and negative aspects of the field.
What it takes to be a Pharmacist, depending on where you apply to pharmacy school you’re going to run into different styles of prepharm curriculum. What I mean is some schools might require a 2 year associate degree while others may require a 4 year bachelor’s degree of Chemistry or Biology. One thing that you will run into with all Pharmacy schools though is a PCAT, which stand for Pharmacy College Admittance Test (AACP). This is a test brought around in 1974 to help eliminate student who are more likely to fail out with in the first year of Pharmacy College; the average score of acceptance for a PCAT fluctuates from school to school (PCAT). Once someone has made it through perquisites of pharmacy and successfully entered pharmacy school, they are going to spend at least 4-5 years of professional school. Pharmacy school is split up into three different parts. Part one is year one and two of Pharmacy College; it involves a deeper teaching of the biological, physical, and chemical sciences. Part one is there to help students have a better understanding of the sciences for when they enter into years three and four of pharmacy school. Part two is year three; this is classroom intensive just like year one...

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