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Field Study for Channel Management

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Field study for “Channel Management in Unorganized and Modern Trade”


A complete study to understand channel management principles/dynamics in FMCG or Durables in traditional channel and Modern Trade in Orissa region w.r.t. to Bhubaneswar and peripheral markets

Which company to study?

Study the brands sold in the given region(s)/ market for any of the chosen companies in Appendix 1

What to study at retailer level?

Which of the brands sold by the company? Sales Mix
Ratio of Fast moving and slow moving
Competitor’s prices of the leading brands
Margins allowed, compare with the rival brands in the same category.
Any promotion scheme currently running or in the recent past.
Window display, merchandising etc. (support with photograph)
Reordering frequency, size, Company’s salesperson’s visit
Payment terms and condition, credit offered, how many days?
Any other volume/cash discount
Name and address, phone no.(picture of the store location, business transaction)

What to study at wholesale level?

Which of the brands stocked? Qty. in approx.
Margins allowed, compare with the rival brands in the same category.
Reordering frequency, size.
Any promotion scheme currently running or in the recent past.
Any other volume/cash discount.
Payment terms and condition, credit offered, how many days?
How many w/s in the market you have selected / w/s dealing with any other company’s product line?
Understand the operational differences in retailer and w/s
Name and address, phone no.(picture of the store location, business transaction)

What to study at stockist/distributor level/dealer level?


What it means to be a stockist /distributor/authorized stockist.
Transport details? Which transport agency gets the stock? Who pays for the freight?
Reordering size , frequency ,transit time from the…...

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