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Riverside Gurdwara Sikh Temple on 3/01/2015 & 3/08/2015

I had the privilege to visit the Sikh Temple twice on my occasion because of

miscommunication, but I think it was worth it. I’m sad that I did not get to talk to anyone

because I was afraid that I would disturb his or her worship time. As I arrived I saw the cultural

attires for the women and the head coverings for the men and women. Before they entered the

church, they removed their shoes and washed their hands before entering the temple. I was told

by one of the girls that I should wash my hands if they are dirty and then enter the temple,

which I did because sanitary wise they were dirty from the steering wheel and everything else

that I touched that was not sterile. Something else that I witnessed that was interesting, was the

man that stood in the middle waving (what looks like a bundle of strings) something in the air,

which was to keep their sacred text from getting dirty. At least that is what it said on the

module. I also saw that as they enter the temple, they walk directly down the aisle and they

kneel down and bend over with their head touching the floor. I assumed that it was a sense of

respect for God. I also saw that they ate some sort of pudding when they got back from doing

their gestures in the front. I also examined that they sit on the floor and segregated by their sex,

men on the left and women on the right side, and the children often sat with their mother. I also

seen that the elderly could sit on the bench that was made towards the back.

Some correlation that I seen with the reading and lectures were -Work hard sincerely,

to worship and give charity. Guru Nanak. Respect other religion, don’t believe they are

superior there is only one God and every body come from that one God. Sikh philosophy; it is


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