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Figueroa's Framework Essay

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1.0 Professor Peter Figueroa is known for constructing a five level framework that analyses the impact on equity and access. The levels of Figueroa’s framework consist of Cultural, Institutional, Structural, Individual and interpersonal. (In-text reference). In this report I will be discussing three of the five levels of Figueroa’s framework including, the individual level, the cultural level and the Interpersonal levels. Of these, the most significant level, the interpersonal level, will be discussed in further detail in relation to my opportunity and access to dance as a Year 11 PE student.

Of the three levels looked at mostly in today’s society are individual, cultural and interpersonal. (MAKE SURE CLEAR AND CONCISE) The individual level of Figueroa’s Framework is the most important level for a person however it may not be the most significant. Regardless of the amount of opportunities created for you to participate and succeed in physical activity throughout your life, your level of participation is still an individual choice. A personal example of this is when I was younger my mother got me to do gymnastics because my sister was doing it so it made it easier for her however I didn’t want to do it so I never tried and would always be a pain to try and get out of it. (In-text reference).
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Gender roles are seen in today’s society as men having to be strong and showing masculine features. These features are shown in sports such as AFL, Rugby League and Boxing. However, women are perceived to be more nurturing and passive and when doing sporting activities, they are seen as being more graceful and doing sports such as dancing, ballet and even to an extent netball. When I was

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