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Figurative Language In Flannery O Connor's The Coat

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The Coat is a children's picture book about a magical journey of a man and his coat. Standing alone in a field the coat feels abandoned; until a man comes along and claims the coat as his own. The coat takes the man on a magical life changing journey with the use of unexpected insights of disappointment and life’s struggles (Tunell, 2008, p. 25). This well-crafted story book has amazing folk tale style writing, antique type illustrations that accompany the old English styled text creating a musical component; capturing the author’s point of view and portraying the personalities of the characters getting the story across to the audience (Tunnell, 2008, p. 18). As you read the story the illustrations change as the man feelings change, colour is added as the man begins to feel confident and happy with his new life (Tunnell, 2008, p. 18).The right words used throughout the story book allows the reader to picture themselves within or as part of the story, “The coat stood in a paddock at the end of a row of strawberries”, “It was buttoned up tight” (Hunt, 2012, …show more content…
3). In addition to figurative language, understatements allow the reader to clearly see how the coat is feeling and draw a conclusion of the fact the coat may be upset or disappointed (Tunnell, 2008, p 21). Tunnell (2010, p. 21) states, figurative language and personification used through picture books, strengthen and create a story in the mind of the audience. Precise vocabulary such as adjectives, adverbs and sentence structure are used in the text of the storybook to enhance the details and contextual understanding the author is portraying using words such as “velvet, beckoned, puffed, waiting and whispered” (Hunt, 2012). These highlight and emphasise important aspects of the text (Tunnell, 2008, p.

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