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Synopsis he purpose of the preliminary investigation phase is threefold. First, it answers the question, “Is this project worth looking at?” To answer this question, this phase must define the scope of the project and the perceived problems, opportunities, and directives that triggered the project.


In this milestone you will prepare a Request for System Services, which is the trigger for the Preliminary Investigation Phase. Also, you will use fact-finding techniques to extract and analyze information from an interview to determine project scope, level of management commitment, and project feasibility for the Client Technology Tracking System. With these facts and facts obtained from the Case Background, you will have the necessary information to complete the Problem Statement Matrix and, if assigned, construct the Project Feasibility Assessment Report. Objectives After completing this milestone, you should be able to: ⇒ Complete a Request for System Services form, which triggers the preliminary investigation phase. ⇒ Analyze a user interview and extract pertinent facts that can be used to assess project feasibility. ⇒ Complete a Problem Statement Matrix documenting the problems, opportunities, or directives of the project. ⇒ Prepare and understand the structure and content, of the Project Feasibility Assessment Report. Prerequisites Before starting this milestone the following topics should be covered: 1. The scope definition phase - Chapters 3 and 5 Assignment Anna Kelly is an analyst/programmer who has been working for Coastline Systems Consulting for one year since her college graduation. So far she has handled small web applications for clients, designing and writing the XHTML, JavaScript, and .NET code. Anna recently got an idea of how to improve Coastline's efficiency and customer service. After thinking about it a few...

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