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Filipino Values(Aldub)

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We Filipinos, almost all of us know about the hit noontime TV show Eat bulaga’s Kalyeserye, Especially the new love team, “AlDub” they’re known not just for their undeniably strong chemistry and the sweetness overload, but also because of the good values that their showing, the Filipino values we used to have, that’s actually fading slowly from now.

The reality is, most of us nowadays forgot the traditional values, the proper ways. One of those is the way of courtship. Man courting a girl usually nowadays they don’t take it seriously, some just for fun, most doesn’t even know what courtship is and how it’s being done, when is the right time and age, for someone to know about this. But no, nowadays even kids who’s just an elementary students are hurrying their way to this stage, courting a girl from his age when he doesn’t even have any idea what’s really the meaning behind courtship. Some, just want to get a girlfriend, waiting is not on their list. Girls, gets easily fooled by a guy’s sweet words eventhough there’s really no meaning behind it. They easily get attached, not minding what the guy could do for them or if the guy is capable of protecting us. Girls nowadays aren’t conservative at all.

In the Kalyeserye, they just don’t show us those love thingy, but the respect is there. We Filipinos are also known for being respectful, especially on someone older than us. But I believe we still got this one, at least. Most of us I think still use the ‘po’ and ‘opo’ , we use this to everyone, anyone Older or not, friends or not, stranger or not. We use this as a sign of respect. Also the pagmamano. I believe most of us also still do this. Kids still being taught everytime to ‘mano’ to their lola’s and lolo’s so until they grow, they still do this, even to those they met for the first time, they give respect by this.

Also, just like in kalyeserye, they teach us to have ‘patience’, the ‘tamang panahon’ that we don’t really have to hurry things up. This one really gave an impact on me. Since nowadays, we Filipinos hurry things up too much, too blinded by that ‘yolo’, you only live once, where I think they misunderstood this, so they hurry things up. They hurry things up and end up in a disarray, in a complete disaster, where we’d be regretting things, ended up hurting ourselves instead. Many of us say, “ why wait, if you could do it now.” Well for me, what’s the point of doing it now when you don’t even understand what you’re doing, and you won’t know how special, this feeling of having something because you know you’ve waited for it, you’ve earned it and deserve it at the right time. With this, you will learn how to treasure every moment, how special this thing for you.

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