Film Analysis Pirates of the Caribbean

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The clip somewhat resembles the reality. Cannibals, as caribean people were called, sacrificed people. Men dominated the
Clip 1:
In this clip, counterpountial music is used. The scene seems a bit hectic due to the use of short clips. The swinging seems humorous with the music.
The vertical cliffs resembles how nature is supperior to human-beings and that they have to compete with it to survive. The cage is in contrast to the background, being dark with a the bright background. This makes us focus on the cage rather than anything else. The scenery seems very idylic.
There is a great contrast between the music, the environment and the pirates’ situation.
When the pirates climb the mountain, all lines seem to point downwards, towards the concequences they risk experiencing.
(2:23). A cannibal is framed by the lines to make him stand outThe music stops here, because they don’t sway in cages anymore. The snake is a symbol of evil, and evil makes the cage fall to the underground.
(3:03) Obviously they have used a green screen to manipulate the fall of the pirates. The cage is placed in the center of the screen to make our eyes focus there. Also, the gap between the cliffs seems infinite, due to the fog. It is rather comical, they are almost laughing. Again, the clash between the silent nature and the hectical cage creates clear division. The cliffs devour the pirate cage and this displays how different Man is to nature.
(3:06) The painting on the cannibal, example the bark-ish paint on his torso, resembles the connection between these Carib People and the nature.
(3:07) All the lines are diagonal, indicating a turbulent situation.
Skulls resembles the religion of the cannibals, becaused they used bones as a symbol of religion, which contained faith to their ancestors, where bones from dead ancestors were used as decorations. A snake can be…...