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How Films Communicate

Complete Part I in your first week of class. In Week Two, complete Parts II and III after viewing a film of your own selection from the How Films Communicate Film List located under your Week One materials. Submit Parts I, II, and III in Week Two.

Part I: Beginning to Analyze Film

To compete Part I, choose a movie you have viewed in the past (this does not have to be from the How Films Communicate Film List ). In the following table, enter the title of your movie and complete the entries for time and place, costume, and set design, writing in complete sentences. For the final entry describe the atmosphere created by the combination of film elements discussed in Ch. 1 of Film: An Introduction and how they contributed to your liking or disliking of the movie. Submit Part I, along with Parts II and III in Week 2.

|Movie |
|Identify aspects of |There is one scene that really comes to mind, during one of the interviews between Hannibal and Clarice, Hannibal refuses to help in the investigation until|
|cinematography in your |Clarice shares information about herself. As she begins, we see Hannibal, coaxing her, it is a medium close –up at a slight low angle, then we see Clarice,|
|selected film. Discuss them in|it starts as a point-of-view medium close close-up and slowly becomes an eye level close up as she tells her story about the screaming lambs, the way the |
|terms of how they affected |camera moves gives her a frame around her face, as you watch you see her behind the glass, it gives you the illusion that she is behind bars, trapped. This|
|your viewing experience; in |added to the viewing experience, you can see that she is still tormented, trapped by her memories, that she has been alone and has so much love to give, but|
|other words did the art of |has never been allowed to give it. |
|cinematography add value to | |
|your experience? If so, how? | |
|If not, why not? | |
|Identify aspects of sound in |There is a few sounds that linger through the movie, in the killers house there is always a kind of music, but over that you hear the fluttering of wings. |
|your selected film. Discuss |The sound that is always present during interactions in that area is in the scenes of Hannibal and Clarice in the hospital, there is a strange ambient |
|them in terms of how they |sound. Have you ever put your ear up to someone’s belly and had a listen, that is what is sounds like, like the inside of a stomach, giving you the idea |
|affected your viewing |that Hannibal is in a place that has been eaten and forgotten. Both sounds contribute to the movie, they make the killer more creepy, when you see moths |
|experience; in other words did|not butterflies, and the sound in the asylum, it is Hannibal’s sound, like that is the sound he hears when most people talk, because he is above their |
|the art of sound effects add |intelligence and cannot be bothered with them. |
|value to your experience? | |
|If so, how? If not, why not? | |
|Identify the type of music in |One of the songs in the movie is American Girl, the song actually resembles the character, she is the American Girl, young, trying to make it on her own, |
|your selected film. Discuss |and we later find out later she a senator’s daughter, and it personifies the song even more. |
|them in terms of how it | |
|affected your viewing |During one of the scenes in the house, Buffalo Bill dances in drag, the song playing is called Good Bye Horses. After doing a little research I learned |
|experience; in other words did|that the song is about transcendence, and rising above earthy limitations, as this is exactly what Buffalo Bill thinks he is doing the song enhances the |
|the score or songs add value |character. |
|to your experience? | |
|If so, how? If not, why not? | |
|Identify the types of editing |In the movies we see several but the ones I would like to point out come from the scenes in Tennessee, these are called parallel shots, the camera jumps |
|in your selected film. Discuss|from the guards to Hannibal and back to the guards, showing things happening at a fast pace, but slowing it down so we can see everything taking place. |
|them in terms of how it | |
|affected your viewing |In Buffalo Bills house we see Buffalo bill at his sewing machine, the sound of his dog yipping gets his attention, we see him move through the rooms to the |
|experience; in other words did|well where he has his victim, this is called a sequence shot, where not editing of action takes place, we see him move and snake his way from point A to |
|the different types of shots |point B. |
|and framing add value to your | |
|experience? | |
|If so, how? If not, why not? | |

Part III: What is the Cultural Value of Film?

In completing Parts I and II you have engaged your critical thinking skills by becoming aware of and assessing various elements of film. How do these exercises connect the study of film to real-world experience? Additionally, in what other ways do films have cultural value? Explain and defend your opinion. Your response should be at least 50 words in length and written in complete sentences.

|I think one of the films underlying cultural tones that is briefly addressed is the struggle Clarice faces in “a man’s world” even in the 90’s she is still |
|and outsider. They look to her boss for how to act but he even belittles her role, the role he gave her, in the investigation and in the film she points |
|this out. This is still something happened over 20 years later and is identifiable to women still. |
| |
| |
|I think many films depict the stereotypes that are places on people, places, religions, ethnicity and values. In some ways they enforce them and in others |
|they contradict them. Film often can show us why, or a version of events that relates to the stereotype. |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |

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