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* Storytelling Bruce Waynes Batmans Jokes

* Acting Christian Bale Michael Caine Ken Watanabe Heathe ledger * Cinematography

* Editing * Sound * Style and Directing

* Impact of society on the film and vice versa

* Genre

* Application of at least one approach to analysis and interpretation * Overall textual themes
Writing Tips: * Students must select a film that they have not previously explored in class, either in written assignments or discussion posts. * Students must establish a coherent thesis statement in the introduction of their paper with a claim that they intend to prove. The body of the essay serves to support the thesis through an analysis of the film and other relevant material. Avoid simply rehashing descriptive material from other source. * Support your thesis through textual and formal analysis. Refer to specific shots, scenes, characters, stylistic devices, and themes in the film. * As much as possible, use technical, literary and industry terms to make your points. * If needed, you may use additional resources to support your claims. Suggested sources might include academic books and articles; film reviews; and personal opinions from reputable film critics and scholars. Information other than production details obtained from popular sources such as The Internet Movie Database and Wikipedia is not considered reputable. * Only use plot information to support the thematic points of the paper. Include only one to two sentences of plot summary when explaining each of the required filmic elements. * Also, students should not choose a film that the authors of the textbook have analyzed in detail.
Writing the Final Film Critique
The Final Film Critique: 1. Must be eight to ten double-spaced pages (excluding the cover and reference...

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