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After Earth Final Critique Margie McLeod Class ENG 255 Instructor: Patricia Vineski Date October 14, 2014

Film Title: After Earth
Actors: Will Smith Jayden Smith, Sophie Okonedo.
Writers: Will Smith
Director: M, Night Shyamalan
Released date; June, 2013
Cinematographer: Peter Suschitzky

In his post apocalyptic sci-fi film is set 1,000 years after human leave earth, a quest is set for a young boy to locate a beacon to signal for help; save his injured father on an unknown planet and face its’ inhabitants. The genre films are usually easily recognizable as a certain genre. This is because they tend to use familiar story formulas charterers types and settings, for this film the genre is sci-fi. The sub genre would go into a more narrow definition this movie a post apocalyptic title would describe what to expect from this movie even before seeing it. Seeing this film gave me a sense of a deeper meaning to this film, take away the green screens and aliens you are left with the movie’s core. Which is overcoming your fears to save your love one and even yourself from danger? Watching after Earth for yourself will change your definition of what is fear and how to adapt, when you’re in danger.
The plot of a movie and the story is different and also helpful to know the difference. The story is the sequence of events and the plot is the summary of the movie told to create a screenplay, then a script thereafter. The plot; after crash landing on a now unfamiliar earth due to 1,000 years of non-human inhabitants. Kitai has to be the savior and his father Cypher injured guides him to his first mission to signal for help or risk dying on an unforgiving earth. The storyline: film starts with Cyper Raige (Will Smith) narrating about the last days humanity had on earth. Due to the ways of humans polluted the earth had evolved itself to kill them in order to stay alive. The response team assembled called the united ranger corps; they are physically and mentally tough. Cadets are put though intense training to show the rangers if they have what it takes to fight the Skrel aliens, humans invaded their planet and the skrel want it back. After finding a planet called Nova Prime it was thought to become a new earth but sadly the skrel wasn’t about to give up there safe heaven for humans. To exterminate there human problem they created the ursa, a nightmare or sorts made to hunt and kill humans. Sensing the fear pheromones we give off when afraid, it tracks humans and tear them apart. So now the humans were in a constant fight to survive. Cyper Raige is a ranger and in a near death experience, he decided that fear was a choice and danger is the only real part you can prepare for. In this moment he rid his mind of anything he had to fear which is called ghosting. If the Ursa can’t sense your fear, then you are untouchable which is good since it’s trying to kill you. Cyper took his son Katai on a mission, not to train him but to make some time for his son. A meteor shower was unexpected and Cyper tried to level the craft but couldn’t. They had to find a planet and crash land soon, the only near place was Earth and it was deadly with no other options they landed. After the crash Katai was alone and thought to be the only survivor on board his dad was missing, flung from the ship before the landing. Katai was not aware of where he was, when he found his dad his leg was injured and this was not training this just became his first real survival mission. Toward the end of his journey Katai was in a near death situation with the ursa, he fought but was badly injured and his father’s words spoken before rung in his head about how he first had his ghosting experience and that helped him have his own. Knowing fear is a choice and the real part of attack, is how you choose to handle the danger aspect. Katai let himself go and feel free or fear so he had his own ghosting experience and defeated the Ursa and got the beacon to send help to them.
The aesthetic choices such as mise en scene, lighting and editing are important to any film. The elements are arranged in a scene to create a visual theme of a film is the mise en scene. The lighting used can change the look and feel of the film. Watching the film and doing research most scenes were in Costa Rica and Utah and California in the dense forest areas. High-key lighting seems like the go to source. The shots were also important medium, close up and long shots gave the aerial view let us be the bird in the sky and help make the feeling of being in the movie. Seeing this movie would be a great experience for the audience, do believe if the sci-fi element was removed there still is a storyline here. A son and father are in danger and need help and your fears could stop you or you could overcome them and fight back in any situation like camping or traveling to a different region.
This movie has a social and a personal impact, on viewers. The Earth and the environment is an ongoing topic and some believe in being green and others don’t and believe global warming. Although there is proof like scientific facts people don’t really want to change their way of life due to it being convenient and would rather claim its climate change. So this film open the eyes of some like myself and when a species it’s going excited they do evolve so it can survive and flourish. The possibility that Earth could evolve to kill us so sit could itself survive. Around the time of 2010 I turned over a new leaf and I’m green my T.V. and oven, light bulbs and dishwasher, home product for cleaning are all green. I hope my green ways makes a difference.

Reference page:
Goodykoontz, B. & Jacobs, C. P. (2014). Film: From watching to seeing

Reflection on my skills to critique films
I believe I can see a bigger picture within movies now, that this class has shown me symbolism and metaphor meanings. Also how other movies from the past has been retold and kept some of the main points like Snow White and the seven dwarfs or Dracula, even the wizard of OZ. Some war movies have the same conflict laving one man behind or being left to find foe yourself, we could never imagine that scenario so sing it in on movie screens make you sympathize with war veterans. Directors are looking to show the audience their vision and now I’m more appreciated for the new vision to see their movies how it was intended.

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