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In this essay, I will be analysing two sequences from two different films. The first sequence is the last scene from the movie “Apocalypse now” directed by Francis Ford Coppola. The movie depicts the story of war, not as much the war between Vietnamese but the war within us. At first, movie appears very realistic and formalist and by the end, it is appearing symbolic as during the final scene Benjamin Willard finally killed colonel Kurtz and On the other hand ceremony of slaughtering the buffalo was happening at the same time which illustrate both scenes as one symbolic event. There are few editing techniques that worked well in this film are Sergei Eisenstein’s creative editing techniques who is a famous Soviet filmmaker. Eisenstein’s discovered three types of montage that is Rhythmic montage, Tonal Montage and intellectual montage which is also called conceptual or thematic montage. Eisenstein’s philosophy of intellectual montage which explain a way of editing that could form relation and symbols to two different shots created from juxtaposition. At the end, these two images of shooting and killing of Colonel Kurtz while Villagers were performing the ritual of slaughtering the water buffalo combined to make the connection between the viewers signifying the execution of civilian was more like a vulnerable slaughter. Another editing technique that greatly worked in this film is Rhythmic montage which is editing on the basis of rhythm. The Cloud bursting and shrieking of villagers at the slaughterhouse is paired in a rhythmic montage of contradiction and accompaniment. The images of murdering and slaughtering move before the viewer in rhythmic interconnection from scene to scene rejecting any movement of the camera and give look to the artist’s personal reaction to what is being seen and felt. For this sequence, it may seem the story of horror a one thing but it is two as for Kurtz, the horror is the truth of how naive person he was and the impact of wars upon men. As soon as he dies, Willard hears his last word “The Horror” and realize what the horror of war can do to a man.
The second sequence is from the movie Casino 1995 which is directed by Martin Scorsese describe the life story of Sam Rothstein(Ace) who runs the mob-owned casino in Vegas. The movie revolves around his relationship with his friend Nicky and the girl he loves Ginger. While Ace is busy running the casino, his friend Nicky starts Pressurizing the bookkeeper of the casino to rip them off. As soon as Ace finds out this activity, he warned the Nicky to be careful as the casino agents are over him. However, Nicky ignores him and put himself into trouble and got banned from all casinos in Vegas. Nicky looked for the other alternative and decided to open his own jewelry store. He called over his brother Dominick and some other old friends to make a crew. The movie symbolizes the classical paradigm which is used to maintain continuous and maintain clear narrative action. As seen in the clip, while the phone calls scene take place between different bunch of people, the cutting happens for the sake of continuity with the purpose of keep on with the pace of the film. Also, Eisenstein Rhythmic Montage experienced in this clip which is editing on the basis of Rhythmic as there are different kinds of pattern and sizes used in the movie.

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