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October, 2013

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The Effect Of Domestic Violence Films On The Youth:
An Excursion Of Media Violence Theories and Persuasion Theories
Dr. Ajilore
Head Of Department, Department Of Mass Communication, Babcork University, Ilisan ,Ogun State, Nigeria
Ojo Titiloye Oyeyinka
Lecturer, Department Of Mass Communication, Tai Solarin University Of Education, Ijagun ,Ogun, Nigeria
Nwaolikpe Onyinyechi Nancy
Department Of Mass Communication, Babcork University, Ilisan ,Ogun State, Nigeria
Akinreti Qassim Olalere
Head, Foreign Desk, Voice Of Nigeria And Part-Time Lecturer, Nigerian Institute Of Journalism, Ogba, Lagos, Nigeria
Odegbenle Lateef
Department Of Broadcast Media, Nigerian Institute Of Journalism, Ogba, Lagos, Nigeria
Goke Rauf
Head, Mass Communication, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria
Jegede Omolayo
Station Manager, Babcock University Radio Station And Lecturer, Department Of Mass Communication
Babcock University, Ilisan,Ogun State, Nigeria
Tsebee Asor Kenneth
Department Of Mass Communication, Al Hikmah University, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria

Several studies have been on the impact of media violence on aggressive and violent behavior. Researches on effect of media violence have proved that heavy exposure in films, videos, televisions and movies can increase the risk of behaving violently.
This paper is an escursion of selected media violence theories -social learning theory, catharsis theory and cultivation theory, and Persuasion theories – Congruity theory, Symmetry theory and Cognitive Balance theory explaining the effect of domestic violence on the Nigerian youths, looking at the possibility of these theories at the short and long term effect of domestic violence on the youths, desensitization, heavy and non-heavy viewers, other factors and the positive effect of viewing...

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