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Filter Bubbles

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When referring to filter bubbles I had thought it would be some sort of tool that you, as an individual, would have control over. Some tool that would allow you to filter what you would like to see, and what you would not like to see as you search through sites on the web. However, filter bubbles is something that you do not have any control over. A filter bubble is a tool that each browser, either it be Facebook, Netflix, or even Google, will filter out things you typically do not browse through. It controls what you can and cannot see based on what each browser is seeing you watching or looking for.
Pariser said “There is no standard Google anymore.”, and that was where he drew me. It allowed me to see how different the internet is becoming. There are so many risks when it comes to the internet, and you hear that daily. This is moving us to a world where technology is basically controlling our lives, and it's not challenging us. This tool is letting us be comfortable with what we are used to, and we don't get to decide what we want to see or not see because of these filters..

I actually did not even realize the severity of these filter bubbles. I did notice how I wasn't seeing more and more of these acquaintances I have via Facebook. I basically looked right past it, and thought that was just what Facebook did. I didn't realize how in-control these filter bubbles are becoming. Seeing Pariser compare his friends Google searches of the same search, and noticing the difference in the two it got me to realizing what a filter bubbles intentions are. It isn't to help as I had previously thought, but to instead control.

His speech really does concern me. It opened my eyes to believe something that was right in front of me the whole time. This world of technology is bringing society down. It isn't helping us knowledgeably or even humanly. Listening to him saying how...

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