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Filthers Theory

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Filthers Theory Revised
Damien Carranza

Filthers Theory Revised

This paper contains most information gathered from Management; A Practical Introduction Seventh Edition by Angelo Kinicki and Bryan Williams Ch. 14 and the how I would incorporate the Fiedlers approach to management in my place of business. The intriguing part of the chapter was the contingency leadership model: Fiedlers approach for its dual approach method of handling a situation. It is based on being task oriented or being relationship type of manager. What is also interesting about this approach is Fiedlers work is based on a three dimensional situational control.
80 studies conducted over 30 years and what was found was a way to find the winner between tasks and relationships. Are you more concerned with task accomplishment or with people? The exercise seeks to answer. To find out you or your employees would fill out a questionnaire known as the least preferred coworker. To put the Fiedler approach forward towards the management in the restaurant where I work I would have all the employees including myself fill out the LPC scale to find out who’s more task or relationship oriented. The questionnaire consists of thinking of the coworker you least enjoyed working with and rate him or her on opposite characteristics. The higher the score, the more the relationship oriented the respondent; the lower the score, the more task-oriented
Second after the determining the leadership orientation, you determine the situational control. The situational control which refers to the amount of control and influence a leader has in the work environment. There are three dimensions to situational control which determine three things: leader-member relations, task structure, and position power. Each with its own question and answer:
• Leader-member relations—“Do my subordinates accept me as a leader?”...

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