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Lenders love to analyze ratios. It allows them to see how your business is doing and compare your business to other businesses they’ve loaned money to. But ratio analysis is a useful tool for the business owner too.

How healthy is your business? Some basic ratio analysis will tell the story. Calculating these three financial ratios will let you check your business’s current temperature, diagnose potential problems, and see if your business is doing better or worse over time.

1) Current ratio

The current ratio is an excellent diagnostic tool as it measures whether or not your business has enough resources to pay its bills over the next 12 months. The formula is:

Current ratio = Current assets/Current liabilities

Recall that Current assets are a category of assets on the balance sheet that represent cash and assets that are expected to be converted into cash within one year.

Current liabilities are a category of liabilities on the balance sheet that represent financial obligations that are expected to be settled within one year.

For instance, suppose a business has $8,472 in current assets and $7200 in current liabilities. Then the current ratio is $8,472/$7200 = 1.18:1.

So for this business, the current ratio gives a clean bill of health. For every dollar in current liabilities, there is $1.18 in current assets.

A current ratio of over 1 is good news, generally, although if you are comparing your current ratio from year to year and it seems abnormally high, you may have problems with collecting accounts receivable or be carrying too much inventory.

2) Total debt ratio

The name of this ratio says it all; this ratio shows how much your business is in debt, making it an excellent way...

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