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Convergys Origination
Amie Rainbolt
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February 07, 2012
Thomas Baine

Convergys Origination
Even though if a company has no organizational structure, function, or design it will fail. Convergys organizational structure is unique when compared and contrasted with two different organizational structures because; organizational functions influence and determine the organizational structure, and organizational design helps determine which structure best suits the organization’s needs. Because of the below process and procedures Convergys continues year after year to be the leader in customer service and a fortune 500 company.
Convergys has 75,000 employees and clients in more than 70 countries, speaking more than 35 languages, and their annual income is $2.5 billion.
The company developed from Cincinnati Bell Information Systems and MATRIXX, both subsidiaries of Cincinnati Bell, and AT&T Solutions Customer Care, which was sold to Cincinnati Bell in 1998; an IPO in 1998 made it a fully independent company. Since then, Convergys' headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, has acquired numerous companies. (Netrashetty, 2011, para. 4)
Convergys organizational structure is unique when compared and contrasted with two different organizational structures because it is grouped into four separate self-sufficient organizations that include Billing Services, Human Resources Services, Professional Consulting Services, and Customer Management Group. Each origination reports directly to Convergys Chief Operating Officer ("Process," n.d.). Purely Water Inc. has 10 different locations in two different states. Their organizational structure is different because in each location they have an office manager, sales team leader, and sales professionals. This structure works fine for them because it is a commission paid by how many water filtration systems...

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