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Fin534 Week 10 Assignment 1

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Financial Research Report
For investors and business owners, financial analysis poses significant importance as it evaluates the company’s performance in measureable aspects. In financial analyses financial ratios are considered important in analyzing the position of the company. It analyzes important areas of the business performance such as liquidity ratios, debt ratio, and profitability of the business.
This report aims on financial performance of U.S. based company named Rockwell Collins Inc. This report analyzes the financial performance of the company.

Rockwell Collins Inc.
Base of the Rockwell Collins is with Collins radio since 1933. After 1933, Collins Radio Company expanded its business, and starts serving other areas by expanding it technology scope. New technological developments such as flight control devices, radio communication equipments and voice transmission satellite created market opportunity for Collins Radio Company. In 1973, Rockwell international acquired Collins Radio Company due to company financial difficulties. In June 2001, Rockwell Collins inc. was listed on the stock exchange under the symbol “COL”.
Now, Rockwell Collins is in business of electronic communications, entertainment systems in flight and avionic for its various worldwide customers. Company is serving government, military and commercial customers (Rockwell Collins Inc, 2013a).
Today approximately every aircraft in the world is Rockwell Collins aviation systems. In US, approximately 70 percent of ground and air communication is with their equipments (Rockwell Collins Inc, 2013b).
Rockwell Collins is focused on innovation and believes that coming era will bring efficiency and safety in aviation electronics and flight operations. They are prepared to face these challenges. Company also positioned their importance on Boeing and Airbus...

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