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Final Offer

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This assignment is designed to quickly familiarize with the world of labour relations negotiations and labour relations in general by having you analyze what is going on in an actual labour relations negotiation.

Your Mission
You will watch and read the transcript of the film “Final Offer” and answer questions related to the film and labour relations. Resources you can use to carry out this assignment are as follows:

1. The video of “Final Offer” in the Final Offer Module. Please watch it and try to follow the action. You will have to know the names of the characters, their roles in the union or General Motors, and their points of view.

You will be watching a labour negotiation take place before your eyes and this particular negotiation had great historical significance. You will be asked to follow the political moves being made inside the union and General Motors.

NOTE: Profanity is liberally used throughout the film because the film is a documentary and this what they actually said. You will be watching a labour negotiation take place before your eyes and this particular negotiation had great historical significance.

2. Your textbook is a critical resource because you can use it to look up key terms and concepts.

3. A glossary of labour relations vocabulary has been provided on blackboard to help you understand what…...

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