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Please read through these instructions very carefully.
This is your final exam in PSY265. These questions compose a plethora of topics read and discussed in our class for the past nine weeks. This exam consists of73multiple choice questions worth 1 point each, 13 fill in the blank questions worth 6 points each, and an essay question worth 99 points. The total possible points for the exam is 250. All of these questions were taken directly from the textbook, therefore you should not use any other outside source. Since information can sometimes contradict each other, if you use outside sources you run the risk of getting the question wrong even though it may appear correct outside the text.
In order to mark the answer you have chosen, please delete all the other letters (i.e. A, B, C, D) except the one you have chosen. There should only be one letter chosen for each multiple choice question. If you have forgotten this or there is more than one answer chosen, it will be marked as incorrect. For fill in the blank questions and short answers, please write your answer in the space provided here in the exam.
Once you are finished with the exam, please upload it to the week nine ‘final exam’ assignment section of the class. Absolutely no late exams will be accepted for any reason. Please make sure it is uploaded by 11:59pm Arizona time on 5/11/2014.

1). What are the three building blocks in Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love?
1.) Intimacy
2.) Passion
3.) Commitment

2). In examining patterns of marital sexuality across cultures, which of the following has been found across cultures?
B) Male dominance and female submission

3.) According to research on bisexuality, all of the following statements are true, EXCEPT
D) All of the above statements are true.

4). Compared to sex hormones levels in females, testosterone levels in males
B) remain relatively stable.

5). In examining patterns of marital sexuality across cultures, which of the following has been found across cultures?
B) Male dominance and female submission

6). Researchers have found evidence linking a region on ________ to a gay male sexual orientation.
A) the X sex chromosome

7). Which of the following correctly identifies the psychological profile of most convicted rapists?
D) There is no single set of psychological characteristics that define the majority of convicted rapists.

8). During which phase of Masters and Johnson's sexual response cycle do men and women first experience full vasocongestion and muscular myoton

D) Excitement

9). In order to help maximize the detection of breast cancer, the American Cancer Society continues to recommend (despite recent controversy) that
C) women over 40 have a clinical breast exam every year.

10). Interest in examining gender from the sociological perspective was spurred by the early work of
A) Mead and Malinowski.

11.) What do Margaret Nosek and her colleagues consider to be a factor for sexual wellness, even among the disabled?
D) All of the above

12). Some theorists have proposed that sexual masochism might provide temporary relief from
D) the responsibilities of independent selfhood.

13). The scrotum contains the following male reproductive organs EXCEPT which one?
D) Epididymis

14). Considering the value systems used to make sexual decisions, a person using situational ethics differs from one using ethical relativism in what main way?
D) Situational ethics focuses on the situations in which decisions are made, while ethical relativism focuses on differences between cultures.

15). Feminist theory challenges a variety of traditional views. Name four discussed in the text.
1.) Gender differences
2.) Gender Inequality
3.) Gender oppression
4.) Structural oppression

16). The biological tie between pleasure and pain may be due to the release of ________ when experiencing pain.
B) norepinephrine.

17). A clear difference between the clitoris and the penis is that the clitoris has
A) no known function other than sexual pleasure.

18). From an evolutionary perspective,
D) women have to be more selective with respect to their mating partners.

19). As men approach orgasm,
A) men typically apply less pressure to the shaft of their penis.

20). Married women in Kinsey's sample reported an average length of foreplay of
D) 12 minutes.

21). Which of the following is NOT a potential psychosocial cause of sexual dysfunction?
A) Hypertension

22). The hypothalamus regulates the menstrual cycle by releasing which of the following hormones?
D) Gonadotropin-releasing hormone

23). Psychologists examine how sexual attitudes and behaviors are shaped by what five concepts?
1.) Perception
2.) Learning
3.) Thought
4.) Motivation & Emotion
5.) Personality

24.) Which of the following is a stage of sexual response according to Kaplan and not Masters and Johnson?
D) Desire

25.) The rule of thumb about whether to stay together for the sake of the children is
B) divorce is better for the children.

26). Miguel has difficulty achieving erection. To determine if his dysfunction is physical or psychological, his physician will probably suggest
A) blood tests to determine his testosterone levels.

27). In some men, the intensity of their sex drive and urge to act on their impulses can be lowered through the use of
D) inhibin injections

28). Which statement best summarizes the differences found in the Kinsey studies and the NHSLS study regarding oral sex?
C) Kinsey found that 60% of married, college-educated couples engaged in oral sex, and the NHSLS study found that 70-80% of married couples engaged in oral sex.

29). The theory that the sex drive is our principal motivating force was developed by
D) Sigmund Freud.

30). Premenstrual syndrome and premenstrual dysphoric disorder are most likely linked to
B) an excess of estrogen.

31). Having orgasms more consistently is associated with
A) more emotional closeness within the relationship.

32.) Name two monoamines and neuropeptides and two hormones involved in the brain’s pleasure system.
1). Serotonin
2). Dopamine

33.) Which of the following is true regarding penis size and ability to satisfy a woman sexually?
A) Most women do not mention penis size as an important element in their sexual satisfaction.

34). Some evolutionary psychologists contend that
B) genes are responsible for regulating sexual behavior in humans.

35). Many women in their mid to late thirties switch from oral contraceptives to other birth control methods
B) because of an increased risk of cardiovascular complications.

36). In the vast majority of sexual abuse cases, the abuse occurs between a child and
C) relatives, family friends, or neighbors.
D) the risk of social sanctions is low.

38). All of the following are reasons that the hymen is a poor indicator of virginity, EXCEPT
D) women can stretch their hymen so it does not rupture painfully.

39). Which of the following could serve as a basis for a legalistic approach to ethical behavior?
D) The love for others

40). According to research on bisexuality, all of the following statements are true, EXCEPT
D) All of the above statements are true.

41). At what age do most children first become aware of their anatomic sex? Infancy to 2 years, when they are able to manipulate their genitals with their hands.

42). Which group of disorders involves a lack of sexual interest and/or aversion to genital sexual activity?
B) Sexual desire disorders

43). Which of the following statements most accurately describes the role of the sense of taste in arousal for humans?
B) Taste plays a relatively minor role in arousal as compared to the other senses. Some people may find the tastes of genital secretions to be arousing, but others do not.

44). Considering the concept of "erotic plasticity," research shows that
C) women show greater erotic plasticity than men do.

45). Because women of Islamic culture must remain virgins until marriage, it is common for men to sometimes engage in male-male sexual behavior without being considered gay.

46). The most common form of treatment given to sex offenders in prison in the United States today is
C) group therapy.

47). The following descriptions of mental disorders comparing homosexuals to heterosexuals are true, EXCEPT
C) heterosexual females are more likely than homosexual females to suffer from feelings of depression.

48). Dr. Jimand believes that his client's exhibitionistic behavior stems from unconscious conflicts he has with his father and from his perceived fear of punishment for sexual thoughts. Dr. Jimand is most likely treating his client from a
A) psychoanalytical perspective.

49). Research from Sweden reports evidence that gender identity and sexual orientation can develop
B) during the intrauterine period.

50). Nick is being treated for his paraphilia by first becoming sexually aroused by imagining the paraphilic object. Next, just before orgasm, he is instructed to switch from the paraphilic imagery to culturally appropriate imagery, and he is instructed to orgasm while focusing on these images. The technique being used is called
B) aversion therapy.

51). Which of the following statements is true regarding genital mutilation?
B) The U.S. bans the practice and advocates bringing an end to the practice.

52). Benjamin has difficulty with ejaculatory control. Which intercourse position should he probably avoid until he gains more control? He should avoid male superior(man on top position).

53). Suzan married Bob because he is of the same race, has a similar education, and he participates at Suzan's church. This is an example of
B) homogamy.

54). Masters and Johnson pioneered what approach to treating sexual dysfunction?
The use of direct cognitive-behavioral approaches to treating sexual dysfunctions (Masters & Johnson, 1970).

55). Which beliefs or aspects of the male roles in American society may contribute to the occurrence of date rape?
D) The belief that sex is a competition

56). Researchers who have compared written descriptions of orgasm by women and men have concluded that
D) the subjective written accounts of orgasm in men and women are indistinguishable.

57). Masters and Johnson's efforts to "reverse" clients' gay male or lesbian sexual orientation succeeded for all of the following reasons, EXCEPT
D) most of the participants had religious beliefs that made it necessary to change their orientation.

58). The start of puberty is marked by the pituitary gland releasing a hormone called
C) estrogen.

59). According to Sigmund Freud’s theory of psychosexual development, what are the five phases of development children go through? 1.) Infancy
2.) Early childhood(3 to 8)
3.) Preadolescence (9 to13)
4.) Adolescence
5.) adulthood

60.) Compared to sex hormones levels in females, testosterone levels in males
C) also vary depending on the time of day and time of month.

61.) Recent research on the effects of SSRI antidepressants on sexual functioning suggests that
B) Almost all patients who take SSRIs experience serious sexual side effects and impairment of sexual functioning.

62). One stereotype about paraphiles that is true is that
D) nearly all paraphiles are male

63). What does the SRY gene stand for and what is its function in humans? It stands for sex- determining region Y gene, its function is sex determination in humans.

64.) Which of the following is not typically considered a sexual dysfunction by women?
D) Lack of vasocongestion

65). The social exchange theory of romantic relationship development stresses the importance of ________ in determining the course of relationships.
A) rewards and costs

66). Parents who encounter most sexual behaviors in their children should do all of the following,
B) interrupt it immediately.

67). As a small boy, Jonathan would hide in his mother's closet and stroke his genitals. As an adolescent, Jonathan developed a shoe fetish that continues into his adult sexual relations. Which theory offers the best explanation for Jonathan's fetish?
C) Cognitive-behavioral theory

68). Which of the following is considered the most frequent cause of romantic relationship breakups?
B) Jealousy

69). The alkaline nature of prostate fluid
A) helps to neutralize the acidity of the vagina.

70). Evolutionary theorists have proposed the concept of ________ in their attempt to explain how male-male or female-female alliances could enhance group survival and thus persist through history.
A) reciprocal altruism

71). Children whose parents have divorced usually
D) find a decrease in their anxiety.

72). In treating paraphilias, which of the following is most likely to be an issue?
C) Breaking through the client's belief that he is powerless to control his behavior

73.) Thinking that one has fallen in love is derived from three events. List these events.
1.) Intimacy
2.) Passion
3.) Commitment

74). Urophiles and coprophiles are people who find sexual arousal based on
A) body fluids and excrement.

75). Condoms with a reservoir tip
D) None of the above

76). The _pituitary___ and ___hypothalamus____ regulate gonadal secretion of sex hormones.

77). Learning theorists believe the following, EXCEPT:
D) Early experiences do not play an important role in the development of sexual orientation.

78). Regarding abortion debates about when human life begins, scientific evidence suggests which of the following answers?
C) Life begins at conception when the potential for human life begins.

79). Which of the following individuals could be diagnosed with a paraphilia?
B) Damon: who was arrested for distributing child pornography.

80). Masters and Johnson studied the physiological responses that occur during sexual activity by
B) only using the survey method.

81). Simon LeVay's research on brain differences of heterosexuals and homosexuals
B) suggests a correlation between brain differences and sexual orientation.

82). Studies shows that men who have had vasectomies face
B) a none-to-slightly increased risk of prostate cancer.

83). Deviance in sexual behaviors is defined in your text as all of the following, EXCEPT
A) statistically infrequent.

84). Seth has never been able to achieve or maintain an erection during sexual relations with a partner but can do so with masturbation. Seth's dysfunction would be categorized as
A) lifelong and situational.

85). Name the 3 ways that modern sex therapist have departed from the Masters and Johnson format.
1.) Blended orgasm
2).Uterine orgasm
3).Vulva orgasm

86). Martin uses neckties to build an elaborate contraption. While he masturbates, he leans into a harness that puts pressure on the vessels in his neck. As he approaches orgasm, he increases the pressure to cut off oxygen to the brain. Martin's activity is typical of
A) hypoxyphilia.

Short Answer
There are a variety of psychological perspectives on how children adopt gender role stereotypical behavioral patterns. Choose one of the four theories mentioned in the book and summarize it in your own words. There is no word count minimum.
Psychoanalytic perspective states that a boy child would look at his mother and think of how his father is with her and what he observes and will later in life focus that type of attraction and feelings towards a female partner and express what he has observed with his own mother and father. A girl on the other hand will observe her mother and look for exotic and sexual pleasure as she becomes older in a man and hope to find sexual pleasure with her partner of choice.

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...our final project is a portfolio consisting of revisions of the blueprint for progress that you submitted in unit 6, the letter to the editor that you wrote in unit 5, and the presentation that you created in unit 7. The presentation can take the form of a blog, podcast, brochure, slide show, or one of the other multi-media forms covered in the tech labs Ritu McDowell[19:31 ET]: •What did you learn about yourself as a writer? As a thinker?•What did you learn about the process of writing?•What skills did you develop that might help you in the future?•What did you take from the larger conversation with others?•How did your feedback from peers and your instructor affect the revision of your blueprint, letter to the editor, and presentation? Ritu McDowell[19:32 ET]: 5 sources Ritu McDowell[19:32 ET]: •You are writing a paper that makes an argument. Its goal is to persuade others of the value of your Big Idea.•You are using outside research to support this argument, but your paper and presentation should focus on your own ideas and use your own analysis of this outside research to make the argument.Essay:Content: Includes a compelling introduction with a logical persuasive thesis statement and a conclusion that effectively wraps up the essay. Supports main points effectively and clearly (no logical fallacies, outside sources used to support arguments where appropriate) and skillfully refutes counter-arguments without ignoring data that contradicts the student’s thesis. Shows......

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