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Final Plan for Collaboration

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Final Plan for Collaboration

Cassie Corona

Capella University

All schools have a vision or mission statement and this is what they strive to follow as far as what their goal is. My school is no different. To have a vision and action plan of collaboration is important. Having strong community-parent ties can ensure that students are learning and are successful. “When a school begins to function as a professional learning community, teachers become aware of the incongruity between their commitment to ensure learning for all students and their lack of a coordinated strategy to respond when some students do not learn.” (DuFour, 2004)
Identifying the Problem
Desert View Elementary has a primarily white population of 67%. However, we also have one of the largest Hispanic populations in the district with 29%. Desert View is 56% male and 44% female. About half of the student population comes from low-income families. We serve 53% of the student’s free or reduced meals. There are 14% of students that attend Desert View that are on an IEP and 15% that are ELL.
For years now Desert View has been a school within our district that is a choice school. There is a current achievement gap among Desert View and the rest of the school district. The decision of making this school a choice school was made because of the consistently low PAWS test scores. PAWS is our standardized test that students are required to take. Students in grades 3-8 take the test in reading and math each year. Fourth and eighth grades also take the science test. The 2014 scores show declines from last year especially in science and among students who reached the proficient and advanced levels.


In order to collaborate for student success, I would like to continue the implementation of the Professional...

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