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Children Should Be Allowed to Fail

Nowadays, children are given medals for any and everything. Participation, consolation, 8th, 9th, and even 10th place awards. They are given above average grades for less than average work and given passing grades when they should have received failing ones. This way, they never feel like they have failed and no one is a loser. Is this something we should really be teaching our kids?

Teachers are pressured to pass kids in school so they can continue teaching. The No Child left behind, and laziness of the workforce in education play a huge part in the declining value of a high school education. High school graduates are forced to go to college to get a decent job, and even then it is a huge gamble weather or not they will get work. The graduation rate of high school graduates have raised over the years.

When I was growing up, there were no ‘consolation’ trophies because your team was last and teachers did not curve your bad grade because everyone else had a good grade. Earning a trophy – even for third place – was exciting because you or your team was good enough to beat the other kids. You tried harder and did better and got to stand with your trophy and certificate and have your fifteen minutes of fame as your parents took pictures and, subsequently, told their friends about your accomplishment and showed off the pictures and your award. I can remember a time when I was in middle school and I had a good friend that went by the name Robert. Robert was very smart but wouldn’t try in school. He was passed when he did next to no work. We both went into high school and stayed friends, but here he was forced to work a little harder but he didn’t learn anything. Let’s fast forward to today, we have been out of high school for years. I am in collage and joining the airforce, but Robert and his whole family is involved in...

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