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Final Project: the Importance of It Certifications

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Final Project: The Importance of IT Certifications
Carlos C Page
Kaplan University

The Importance of IT Certifications

Certifications are internationally acknowledged means of establishing as well as assessing the required set of qualifications essential for a job. They are hard indication that you are knowledgeable enough to perform the tasks assigned (or could be assigned in the future) to you. At the same time, they present the management with a worldwide accepted benchmark alongside which both current and prospective employees can be evaluated; and it’s no different in the IT business.

Getting certified in applicable IT technology can help enhance your career forecast (greater compensation, more demanding job profiles, etc.), gain extra respect, and enlarge job security. The significance that companies attach to certifications has increased so much that in some cases companies are explicitly asking for certified individuals. First, certifications are fitting industry standards skill assessment; second, certifications are intent measurements of skills and therefore easy to use when it comes to comparing and contrasting the faculty pool. In several cases it becomes the critical distinctive factor when candidates have comparable skill sets and experience (Raths, 2010). Basically, when organizations are faced with the complicated decision of workforce down sizing, they will want to maintain those who are the most skillful and educated. Though not a security, those with certifications will have more of an indemnity policy (Eckel, 2008).

An IT certificate shows that you are devoted to learning and have studied the IT training matter. IT certification proves that you are competent of delivering valuable output and have the required familiarity and practical understanding to work in this field and convey the...

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