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S.W.O.T.T. Analysis: McDonalds
SWOTT analysis is a method businesses use to understand what they are excelling at and what they need to improve. As the number one fast food restaurant in the world McDonalds uses SWOTT analysis to stay number one. It's how they form their strategy going forward. Even though it seems like they get a lot of bad press they continue to thrive and remain a household name. Through SWOTT analysis McDonalds is able to see the threats to their success as well as identify trends to possibly improve their business practices.

McDonalds is a very large company has to stay on top of technology and keep current with all the competition they have. McDonalds is always looking to the future and innovate the ordering process; the most recent story about this would be form an article in a newsroom post by McDonalds. This is about using the new apple pay in their stores and hos they partnered with apple to create something, “We’re excited to see the mobile payments industry reach a potential inflection point. As the technology catches on, McDonald’s will be well positioned to leverage the investments we’ve made around the world,” said Atif Rafiq McDonalds senior vice president and global chief digital officer. McDonalds is the largest known international food chain in the world. They are actively hiring in all of their locations across the world. They have over 35,000 locations across the world. Their customer span reaches to over 70 million customers over the years. They are located in more than 100 countries with one of the largest diversities in the world.

One innovation weakness of McDonald’s is that they have yet to accomplish the trend of organic food. Their core product line is out of line with the trend towards healthier lifestyles. Nowadays people are very concerned with what is in their food unlike about ten years…...

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