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Volume II
For Exercises and Problems in
Kimmel, Weygandt, and Kieso

Accounting, Tools for Business Decision Making, Third Edition

Chapter 14

14-2 (a) DM 5, 10.
(b) DL 1, 6.
14-4 (a) $166,350; (c) $72,140.
14-5 (a) 3, 7; (c) 1, 2, 4, 9, 10.
14-7 (a) $35,100.
14-8 (a) CGM $303,500.
14-9 Total manfg. costs $381,000.
14-10 (a) $82,150; (c) $36,225; (e) $242,500.
(g) $21,700; (i) $267,000.
14-11 (b) $17,000; (d) $60,000; (f) $225,000;
(h) $63,000.
14-12 (a) $62,500; (b) $27,100.
14-13 (a) $17,300.
14-14 CGM $517,300.
14-15 (a) 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16.
(b) 4, 8, 10, 11, 12.
14-16 (a) $124,800; (b) $26,100.
14-17 (a) RM $3,150; FG $9,315;
CGS $27,945.

P14-1A (a) DM $75,000; DL $43,000; MO $18,100; PC $22,100.
P14-2A (a) DM $96,200; DL $78,000; MO $17,050; PC $8,500.
P14-3A (a) $20,600. (e) $7,400. (h) $7,000. (b) CGM $17,000.
P14-4A (a) Cost of goods manufactured $367,910. (b) Gross profit $181,790. (c) Total current assets $213,100.
P14-5A (a) Cost of goods manufactured $572,200. (b) Net income $9,000.
P14-6A (b) CGM $657,300. (c) NI $87,600; total assets $735,100.
P14-1B (a) DM $20,000; DL $44,000; MO $17,100; PC $11,700.
P14-2B (a) DM $46,000; DL $52,000; MO $13,350; PC $6,000.
P14-3B (a) $17,300. (e) $4,900. (k) $21,500. (b) CGM $15,800.
P14-4B (a) CGM $299,900. (b) Gross profit $165,400. (c) Total current assets $185,000.
P14-5B (a) CGM $478,000. (b) Net income $20,500.

Chapter 15

15-1 (a) Total labor $72,000.
(b) Work in process $61,200.
15-2 (b) Job 430 $10,100; Job 431 $18,080.
15-3 (a) (1) $15,500; (2) 75%, 80%.
15-4 (a) $63,150; (c) $9,200; (e) $305,000;
(g) $308,700; (i) $68,850; (k) $9,000.
15-5 (a) $2.44/mh; (b) $4,800 underapp.
15-6 (a) (2) 125%; (3) Total cost $7,885.…...

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