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British Airways
Carolyn Shepherd
Dr. Neil Mathur
BUS620: Managerial Marketing November 28, 2011

British Airways Summary of the Marketing Plan This report details a marketing plan for a full-service airline British Airlines. The marketing plan will address the class of consumers who prefer to use full-service accommodations. The marketing plan will use many of the market strategies, such as advertising through the media, flyers and the company website. The marketing plan will extend for a 12 month period and following will be an evaluation plan to be used on continuous bases.
Company Overview-British Airlines The full-service airline offers high level of fixed and operating costs. Full service airlines operate with fixed cost and fixed products and service (Smith, 2002). The airline provides different types of services such as in-flight meal, travel assistant, lounge access, and many others services. The full service airline has faced much competition from the many low cost airlines on the market which are airlines that provide limited service for in-flights they are able to lower their costs of travel. The airline comes with many services including two class segmentations, online or direct travel agent, and others services. The carrier being one of the oldest airlines in the world continues to support the full service model despite the many low cost airlines. British Airways is the elite carrier in the United Kingdom. The headquarters are located in the Waterside area in London Heathrow Airport. British Airways is the largest airline in the UK it is ranked high among the fleet of international flight destinations. The airlines just signed an agreement with Iberia airlines from Spain to create the largest carrier in Europe the deal is still...

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