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Question 12
1. Identify and discuss at least three issues that telecommuting raises for HRM. Include ways that we can manage these issues.

Telecommuting allows employees to do their work without leaving their homes by using telecommunication and computer technologies. This means no rush-hour traffic, no time lost in traveling to the office, no expenses for gasoline or lunch or office clothes, and flexible work schedules. Telecommuting also enables employers to minimize office costs, attract and retain skilled workers and ultimately increase productivity. However, there are some significant disadvantages that telecommunicating raises for human resource management that need to be considered. These include lessened employee interaction and involvement, the threat to the security of company data.

One obvious disadvantage to the individual employee is the reduced opportunity to get involved with co-workers and the informal communication network at the office. The conversations during tea breaks or coffee after working hours usually provide good opportunities to know more about what is going on within the organization and to feel a part of work group. The lack of such interaction may lead to a feeling of isolation from co-workers as well as a lack of understanding the company’s goals and values. The normal absences of the telecommuting employees could mean that co-workers remaining at the office have a better chance to be known by the supervisors. The telecommuters wish to search for a new position in this situation. The supervisors may feel that they do not know much about their telecommuters except the productivity numbers or their work records.

Another concern is the security risk inherent in permitting external computers to access to company’s databases. The potential problems may create range from unauthorized people accidentally gaining confidential…...