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To: Dr. Walker
From: Kyle Jeske
Date: 9/7/2015
Subject: Reasons for Optimism

After listening to Mr. Gorman speak to our class, I left feeling optimistic about the future. I was encouraged not only for my own future but the future for our nation’s prosperity. At the heart of the American Dream is the desire for the American People to be successful and never stand still in terms of their nation’s development. Going into Mr. Gorman’s speech, I had assumed it was going to mainly regard KeyBank and KeyCorp’s overall business strategy and what makes them different from their competitors. Instead Mr. Gorman focuses more on how KeyCorp is operating in this volatile market cycle we are going through and how they are preparing for a raise in the federal interest rate. Even when discussing these economic events, he remained very optimistic and focused on the positives of each scenario and how KeyCorp would be resilient. The past couple of weeks have seen major sell offs in the global equity market. They can be related to China downgrading their economic growth forecasts, slower than expected growth in Europe and Japan, minimal inflation here in the United States, and overall high valuations and many companies that might fuel a downward correction. Even with all of these reasons to have concern about our overall economy, Mr. Gorman remained very optimistic and explained that the fundamentals of our economy were very solid. He touched on how America’s Natural resources could bring our economy forward for the next several decades. I found it very optimistic that we are the number one producer of natural gas. Shale and fracking have the ability to make us completely independent from OPEC and foreign oil consumption which would free us from restraints to pursue our economic interests. Not only will our natural resources free us from our dependencies, they will also help...

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