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FIN 675 - CORPORATE FINANCIAL STRATEGY - 3 CREDITS Instructor Details: Instructor: John Manley, Ph.D. Office: Finance House, 85 Beechmont Drive, New Rochelle, NY Phone: 914 637 2733 Fax: 914 633 2286 Email: Office Hours: half hour before class and by appointment Prerequisite: MBA 550 – Finance for Managers Course Objective: Upon completion of this course, the student should have an understanding of 1. governance issues of the firm [chap. 1 & lecture] 2. valuation concepts and processes [chap. 3, 5, 8, 9, 29] 3. capital budgeting estimation and decision methods [chap.6, 7] 4. debt, equity and lease financing issues [chap. 14, 20, 21] 5. risk defined and measured in a CAPM setting [chap. 10, 11] 6. variations in the calculation of cost of capital [chap. 13, 18] 7. capital structure and dividend policy decisions [chap. 15, 16, 17, 19] Suggested Other Courses: FIN 644 concerns of short-term financial planning and financing FIN 625 concerns of risk management with derivative securities FIN 620 concerns of multinational financial management Required Text: Ross, S., R. Westerfield, and J. Jaffe, Corporate Finance, current edition, Irwin. Recommended Supplemental Reading: The Wall Street Journal Barron's Value Line Investment Survey Financial Times Major Units of Instruction: Weeks Topics 1 Corporate Governance (extension of concepts from MBA 550) chap. 1 & lecture (Students review Chap. 2 Accounting Statements and Chap. 4 Time Value: these concepts are assumed) Goals and Conflicts Ethical Issues -- The Corporation and Society 2 & 3 Valuation concepts and processes chap. 3, 5, 8, 9, 29 Long-Term Financing and Valuation...

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...Online EFFECTIVE FOR ALL STUDENTS ENROLLED ON OR AFTER MAY 17, 2013. 2013 Tuition and Fees Schedule Total Credits Required for Graduation Total Credits Taken at AIU Total Cost Per Credit Hour Total Program Cost (Includes all Software and Course Materials)1 Undergraduate Programs Associate of Arts in Business Administration (AABA) 90 90 90 180 180 180 180 180 90 90 90 180 180 180 180 180 $302 $302 $302 $302 Bachelor of Accounting (BACC) $302 $302 Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) $302 $302 $54,360 $54,360 Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (BSCJ) $54,360 $54,360 Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) $27,180 $27,180 $27,180 $54,360 Associate of Science in Criminal Justice (ASCJ) Associate of Arts in Visual Communication (AAVC) Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Graduate Programs Master of Business Administration (MBA) 48 60 48 48 48 60 48 48 $582 Master of Accounting (MACC) $582 $582 Master of Education (M.Ed.) $442 $21,216 $34,920 $27,936 Master of Information Technology (MIT) $27,936 Notes 1. rogram tuition and total program cost are based upon total program credits, which may vary due to transferred credits or repeated courses. P 3. rogram tuition is charged per credit hour each quarter throughout the student’s program and is charged at the beginning of each quarter. P 4. nstitutional Charges include a custom suite of course materials that are provided to the student by Words of Wisdom, LLC....

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