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Chapter 1
The Financial Manager and the Firm

Learning Objectives

1. Identify the key financial decisions facing the financial manager of any business firm. 2. Identify the basic forms of business organization used in the United States, and review their respective strengths and weaknesses. 3. Describe the typical organization of the financial function in a large corporation. 4. Explain why maximizing the current value of the firm’s stock price is the appropriate goal for management. 5. Discuss how agency conflicts affect the goal of maximizing stockholder wealth. 6. Explain why ethics is an appropriate topic in the study of corporate finance.

I. Chapter Outline

1.1 The Role of the Financial Manager

A. It’s All about Cash Flows • The financial manager is responsible for making decisions that are in the best interest of the firm’s owners. • A firm generates cash flows by selling the goods and services produced by its productive assets and human capital. After meeting its obligations, the firm can pay the remaining cash, called residual cash flows, to the owners as a cash dividend, or it can keep the money and reinvest the cash in the business. • A firm is unprofitable when it fails to generate sufficient cash flows to pay operating expenses, creditors, and taxes. Firms that are unprofitable over time will be forced into bankruptcy by their creditors. In bankruptcy, the company will be reorganized, or the company’s assets will be liquidated, whichever is more valuable. If anything is left after all creditor and tax claims have been satisfied, which usually does not happen, the remaining cash, or residual, is distributed to the owners.

B. Three Fundamental Decisions in Financial Management • The capital budgeting decision: Which productive assets should the firm buy? This the...

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