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Financial Accounting in Communicating Reality, We Construct Reality

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Accounting. Organizations andSocie!y, Vol. 13, No. 3, pp. 251-261, 1988.
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Macquarie University, N.S. W., Australia

At first I saw Don Juan simply as a rather peculiar man who knew a great deal.., but the people.., believed that he had some sort of "secret knowledge", that he was a "brujo". The Spanish word brujo means, in English... sorcerer. It connotes essentially a person who has extraordinary.., powers. I had known Don Juan for a whole year before he took me into his confidence. One day he explained that he possessed a certain knowledge that he had learned from a teacher, a "benefactor" as he called him, who had directed him in a kind of apprenticeship. Don Juan had, in turn, chosen me to serve as his apprentice, but he warned me that I would have to make a very deep commitment and that the training was long and arduous... My field notes disclose the subjective version of what I perceived while undergoing the experience. That version is presented h e r e . . . My field notes also reveal the content of Don Juan's system of beliefs. I have condensed long pages of questions and answers between Don Juan and myself in order to avoid reproducing the repetitiveness of conversation... (The Teachings ofDonJuan~.A Yaqui Way of Knowledge, Carlos Castaneda, 1970, pp. 14, 24, 25).

We stood together, looking down into the valley below...t "What do you see before you?" said the Master. "Well, in the valley, I see buildings of various kinds, spread over a large area, and surrounded by a fence. There are people inside the fence. A river runs through the valley, and through the area enclosed by the fence. And outside the f e n c e t h e r e a r e t r e e s , u p t h e s i d e s o f t h e valley,...

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