Financial Awareness

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1.0 Introduction: An overview of the study
This section discuss briefly on the background of the proposed study. It also includes problem statement, research objectives, hypothesis, significance of the study and other relevant area. Other topic also will be review such as limitation and scope of the study to complete the study’s requirement.

1.1 Background of the study
According to JeremyVohwinkle, college students face many hard financial decisions. As s young adult they need to figure out how to pay for college and earn some money spending. This is important for anyone, so no surprise and wonder that a lot of college students end up making a lot of debt and costly making mistakes. Unfortunately, these mistakes can actually damage and provide a lot of burden for the students for a long time, these students need to have basic financial planning in order to prevent something bad happen in the future.
The lists of variables that have been brought up are lack of knowledge in personal finance in terms of budgeting capabilities, lifestyle of students which is based on spending and alsostudent background in personal finance which based on parent’s profile/ income. This list of independent variables will be measured based on the relationship between the levels of financial awareness among Islamic Banking students UiTMKotaBharu.
Therefore, the needs of awareness on financial planning is vital due to the fact that it will determine on whether the students will have a burden in terms of debt in the future.

1.2 Problem statement
Although the Islamic Banking students UiTM Kota Bharu learn the subject regarding the financial but the students still have a low awareness regarding financial planning.
On top of that, without having an effective financial planning program, theIslamic Banking students UiTM…...