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Financial Prospectus Content Paper Starting a new business involves time, money, expectation, planning, and decision. New venture needs to create a business plan outlining business ideas, concepts, goals, trends, strength, and weakness. There are 7 components of a financial prospectus to put a business into motion such as: - Business description - Market analysis - Market plan - Competitor Assessment - Operating Plan - Financial Plan - Executive summary The new business venture I planned to invest would be a Shrimp Farmer. The market demands of organic food have increased the global production of freshwater shrimp farming. Shrimp has become the most popular seafood in the United States. On the other hand, consumers are becoming more conscious and concerned about the environment damage. Many shrimp farmers often use antibiotics and hormones to increase the shrimp production. The methods used before to meet the shrimp’s demands have dramatically damage environment. Now, many advances in researcher found new methods and technology that have changed the scenario.
Business Description
Carrillo’s Shrimp Farm would be placed in the Desert of Imperial Valley to combine the effects of the hot sun with the qualities of deep pumping well water allowing a faster growth. The shrimp would be raise in a pond with significantly depth water having as a mission a fresh, healthy, and free hormone shrimp. Since the well water rich in mineral would be drawn from deep pumping, it would carefully monitor for pollution, contaminants, and pathogens. Neither pesticides nor chemicals would be added to care about health negative effect such as neurological damage and E. coli. Before introducing population to the ponds, the baby shrimp should be properly acclimated to reduce stress and death. Another factor that prevent unnecessary stress is a PH balance water greater than 7 and below than 10. Also, water is kept oxygenated by constantly circulation of fresh water produced by massive aerator during 24/7. Water’s pressure produces intensive raceways in order to increase weight. “This technology allows commercial shrimp farming to go to the next level with:

o Increased production levels (greater than 300 metric tons per hectare per year)

o Increased predictability of production with increased survival year round (production of every month per year instead of seasonal)

o Decreased feed cost (due to lower-cost higher-quality feed and lower feed conversion ratios)

o Increase growth rate (up to 2.0 gram per week)”

( Texas A&M Agrilife Extension)
Moreover, shrimp would be feed twice a day morning and night .
Market Analysis and Marketing Plan The shrimp global production leaders are Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, and India almost supplying all the shrimp market around the world. The market demand for organic food has increased production of freshwater shrimp. Above 88% of shrimp consumption in U.S. comes from Asia. However, there is a shortage due to Early Mortality Syndrome impacting market by increasing prices. “Groceries stores and restaurants chains in the U.S. say they hope the shrimp shortage will be short-lived and manageable, though they may have to raise price to avoid a hit to earnings.” The market model used to conventional shrimp market is not easily applied for organic food. The new transition for organic food market becomes a challenge in the stock market. The market plan would be focus on organic food based on monthly report on sales and manufacturing allowing to track the follow strategy plan to increase profit. Potential customers would be interviewed in order to rely on needs, products, and services. Marketing plan would be focus on who would buy the product, and attract who have not try our product. Promotion strategies would be implemented for new consumers and attractive discount for VIP clients.
Competitor Assessment The principal market’s rival is Asian seafood market. China produces and imports more than 35% of the seafood global consumption. On the other hand, “China’s sophisticated and affluent consumers seek to purchase imported seafood, in part for their status, but also because imported seafood is believed to be of higher quality and coming from a cleaner environment (” such as the product I tend to sell. Another major competition is Thailand, but early mortality syndrome has crippled almost the total production increasing pressure to Ecuador shrimp farms. However, Ecuador is certified to sell organic shrimp raise without pollution, chemical, pesticides, or genetic modification. Likewise Ecuador, our products would meet all shrimp industry needs, since cocktail to gourmet cuisine.
Operating and Financial Plan Carrillo’s shrimp farm operating plan would be similar to my husband’s family shrimp farm called Caiman shrimp Farm. The Carrillo’s Farm would work in conjunction with Caiman farm. I would take my own experience and learning in consideration to external analysis of legal/regulatory, global, economic, technology, innovation, and environmental. The process should follow standards of shrimp farming certification. Lands present local, state, and federal environmental laws to operate under the Global Aquaculture Alliance. The freshwater shrimp farming is becoming a prosperous and profitable business. Cost would be reduced because no pesticides, chemicals, nor hormones would be added. Oxygenation, raceways and PH balanced water are the key to produce quantity and quality. Some of the cost would be for electricity, shrimp’s food, land, and professional monitoring water pollution. “The goal of the project is to develop an economically viable, environmentally sustainable system for shrimp production that would prevent the introduction of pathogens into the culture environment, and simultaneously mitigate negative environmental effects typically associated with traditional shrimp farming (Oceanic Institute).”

Executive Summary

| | | | | |
|Strengths |Weakness |Opportunity |Threat |Trends |
|Having all requirements to operate |The constant changes of|Increase the change to |The shrimp could be shut |The farm must be updated |
|will protect the business. |regulations. |compete with big firms. |down if does not follow the |when laws change. |
| | | |laws and regulations. | |


As mention before, the shrimp production global leaders are Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, and India. They supply almost all the shrimp in the market. The large consumption makes an ambitious market. A common practice in the shrimp industry is to add chemical, but there is no need of chemical or hormones to increase size and weight of the shrimp. Shrimp consumption is not based just in one culture. People around the world use shrimp for cocktails to gourmet’s cuisine.


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