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Financial Statement Analysis
1. Given below are the financial statements of Safal Enterprises. Using the tool of ratio analysis comment on profitability and liquidity position of the firm for the year 2014-15. The total number of shares outstanding for the firm is 2.69 crores. In view of growth opportunity in near future the firm has been maintaining a policy of 45% payout
Summarized P & L Account of Safal Enterprises
For the year ended 31 march
₹ in crores
Other Income
Cost of Sales
Gross Margin
Operating Expenses
Selling & Distribution
EBIT (Earning Before Interest and Tax)
EBT (Earning Before Tax)
Provision for Tax
PAT (Profit after Tax)
Note: Gross Margin = Sales – Cost of sales = 132-102.96 = 29.04
PBIT = Gross Margin + Other Income – Admin Expenses – Selling and Distribution Expenses

Balance Sheet of Safal Enterprises
As on 31st March

₹ in crores

Fixed Assets (Net)
Current Assets
Accounts receivable
Total Assets
Liabilities & Owner’s Equity
Share Capital
Reserves & Surplus
Debt (Long Term)
Current Liabilities:









2. Calculate all the Ratios
Income Statement of ----------for the year ended 31st March
Year before previous year
(Rs. In lakhs)

Previous year

Current year

Cost of goods sold
Administrative Expenses
Profit Before Taxes (PBIT)
Profit Before Tax (PBT)
Tax rate
Provision for Tax
Profit After Tax (PAT)

(Rs. In lakhs)





Other incomes (non-operating and non-

(Rs. In lakhs)

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