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Financial Managers and Quality Initiatives in Health

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Financial Managers and Quality Initiatives in Health Care
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This paper will discuss the importance of why financial manager should be concerned with quality initiatives in the health care setting. The topic will describe why quality initiatives are a key role in the financial success and failures in healthcare. Delivery of healthcare is synonymous with finance and the task related to quality improvement and quality initiatives that support accuracy in documentation and treatment. There is a strong correlation between providers and finance.

Key words: Finance, Quality initiatives, Providers, Patient care.

Financial Managers and Quality Initiatives
It is clear that if good quality of services, successful outcomes and customer satisfaction are presented in a healthcare setting, then the financial stability may sustain. As financial managers collaborate to achieve health care quality, they know that there are several variable factors that must manifest in order to sustain and earn profits for their organization. Some variables include reduction in medical error, appropriate diagnostics, medical analysis, education programs, staff training, prevention, primary care, financial reimbursements, technological advancements and minimizing waste.
Error and Accuracy Medscape reported that “Eight years ago, the Institute of Medicine's (IOM) report To Err is Human revealed that between 44,000 and 98,000 Americans die each year as a result of medical errors. Medication errors alone are estimated to cause more than 7000 deaths annually, compared with 6000 annual deaths from workplace injuries. Although much of the discussion of medical errors has focused on the hospital setting, errors can occur in other settings, such as physician offices, outpatient surgical centers, nursing homes, and retail...

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