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Financial Managers

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Functional Areas of Business

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Dr. Jyotirmay Deb

Week 2


The manager area in a business is very important in the fact that the managers work alongside many of the elements in the business. Managers help the human resource officers of a business in the hiring process of employees. For example they are responsible for the filing of tax forms and the interviewing process. They must understand the laws and business codes and ethics of hiring someone into a business. The managers then in turn are help accountable for the training of the employees at the business. They can not only train the employees, but use many of the new ideas that the employee is bringing to the table to help sell to the company in advancement into new and better goals. The managers of a business are there to oversee projects (project mangers / functional managers). These projects can be very valuable in building ongoing accounts and establishing new ones with clients nationally and internationally. Managers can be held accountable for the inventory at a business. The receiving and itemizing of new and old inventory is very important when dealing with a business. This could be the difference between profit and loss (“The Duties of a Business Manager”, 2013).

I will be focusing on a Functional Manager in a business. Functional managers are responsible for ensuring that the resources in the area are properly trained, evaluated, and motivated (Pitagorsky, 1998). In some organizations, big or small the functional manager can be responsible for the ongoing operations that are not directly related to his/her operation, and vice versa. There are two aspects to the functional managers role: administrative and technical leadership. The administrative...

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