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Financial Parformance of Grameen Phone

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The overall approach of the report is a descriptive one as it goes into the depth of financial performance of grameenphone limited. Grameenphone limited widely known as GP, is the leading telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh. With more than 29.32 million subscribers (as of December31, 2010).To prepare this analytical report both primary and secondary data were used. Among the sources,data mainly collectedfrom the published annual report of grameenphone and web site of grameenphone. I have constructed this report under five chapters these are given below.
The First part, of this report deals with Introduction, objective, methodology, and limitations of the report. In order to understand the financial performance of grameenphone on which the report is carried on.
In the Second part, communicate over all Telecommunication industry of Bangladeshand This chapter also tries to show future prospect of telecommunication industry in Bangladesh .which helps to find the current situation of telecommunication industry in SAARC countriesand also gives an idea regarding the Current scenario of the mobile phone operator and the market share analysis of the Telco companies exist in Bangladesh.
The Third part includes Company profile of Grameenphone. A brief narration of the organizations given on whichI selected for my report.These includes Company Facts, business description, object of company, achievements, company structure, product and services of grameenphone and also contribution to national expenditure etc.
The Fourth partof the report focuses on the Quantitives analysis and qualitative analysis.Qualitative part describe the SWOT analysis of grameenphone and Quantitives partdenotes financial performance of the company.SWOT analysis helps to describe the company’s strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. Financial analysis and ratio...

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