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Instructions: Please complete all 3 multi-part problems for this week's assignment.

2-1 Basic Estimating Problem
Your company is installing a new piece of machining equipment and a robotic arm. Your manager asks for the project costs by cost category as well as the total amount. Given the following information, develop a base cost estimate by grouping costs by Equipment / Material (items 1 – 4), Installation / Labor (items 5 and 6), and Overhead (items 7-9).
1. Two pieces of equipment costing $ 15,000 and $ 35,000=$50,000
2. Material required for electrical hook-up is 400 feet at $ 25 per foot=$10,000
3. Controls for each piece of equipment are estimated at $ 600 each=$600x2=$1,200
4. Required start-up material is 3,700 pounds at $ 2.70 per pound =$9,990
5. Company labor for installation requires two maintenance specialists for two days at eight hours per day and $ 35 per hour=$1,120
6. Contract labor is estimated at a fixed price of $ 7,500=$7,500
7. Engineering is estimated to be 15% of (equipment / material) cost based on past experience=$10,678.50
8. Inspection is estimated to be 3% of (labor) cost based on past experience=$258.60
9. General and Administrative expenses are estimated to be 5% of the total of (equipment / material) and (labor) based on past experience.=$3,990.50
Note: For this problem, only items 5 and 6 are considered "labor" for the purpose of calculating items 8 and 9.
Check answer: Total project cost = $94,737.60

2-2 Three-point Estimate Problem

(a) A project requires the use of structural steel in several tasks over the 12 month period expected to complete the work. Based on recent experience the most likely price for the material is $0.30/lb. There are, however, price fluctuations over time based on suppliers…...

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