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Financial Report Essay:

For admirers of fine crystal, there is something magical about the name Swarovski. For admires of speed and glamour there is something magical about the name Ferrari or Lamborghini. And, without a shadow of doubt, for the lovers of high technology, innovation and music there is something magical about the name Apple.
While ages ago our ancestors were bothered by the question of who came first a chicken or an egg, today the question is different. As the fame and success of Apple company and its products is increasing, the question one may rise is for example: what came first … the iPod or iTunes? In my paper I would like to present the financial report of the iTunes. To begin with I would like to give some background history of the product because even though the product itself is familiar to everyone, some may still wonder of its origin and principle function.
As a matter of fact iTunes came first, even though it seems that we started hearing about the iPods much earlier. Before the iPod was released, Mac users had had the ‘iLife’ on their computers. The Ilife also included iTunes version 1.0 – however it looked rather different from the “modern” iPods or itunes. The main difference was that the iLife has a three-note icon and not the double green one which people are familiar with today. So, as we can see, the iTunes was around, for for the Mac only, of course, from January 2001. In April of 2003, a new version of iTunes (4.0) was released. That same year the iTunes Store – where you could legally buy and download music was officially launched. However, at that time the store was for the customers within the United States only, the rest of the world still had to wait. At last, in October 2003 the iTunes version 4.1 came along and for the first time it was availabe for Windows based computers as well. The year 2004 was marked by the…...